Provincial Waste Management Plan Styria 2010

L-AWP-Stmk. 2010 (English version)
L-AWP-Stmk. 2010 (English version)

Waste management plans are key elements of waste management-related planning. As defined in the Styrian Waste Management Act (StAWG) 2004 a provincial waste management plan has to be prepared and revised every five years. Accordingly, the present Provincial Waste Management Plan Styria 2010 (L-AWP 2010) has been conceived as follow-up of the Provincial Waste Management Plan Styria 2005 (L-AWP 2005).

The L-AWP 2010 has been conceptualized and prepared by the Specialised Division 19D and unanimously agreed by the Styrian Provincial Government on May 17, 2010. It pictures current waste volumes, describes the treatment facilities, estimates the development of waste volumes and defines targets for sustainable waste and material flow management as well as strategies for waste prevention and waste treatment (waste recovery and waste disposal). Consequently, the L-AWP 2010 is an important strategic tool which allows meeting the goals for waste management in Styria that have been set at the national and international level.


The English version of the L-AWP 2010 is available as

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