“Recycling in Styria – competence in green technology”

Johann Seitinger
Johann Seitinger© Foto: Jungwirth

While in many countries the amount of waste is increasing year after year, which has dramatic effects both on the people and on the environment, the province of Styria has at an early stage taken initiatives to master the problem. On the one hand, various sustainable campaigns have managed to raise in the Styrian people an awareness of waste separation; on the other hand our waste management, which is considered exemplary on an international level, represents the highest standards with regard to the collection as well as the processing of waste.

Reprocessing plants developed by Styrian companies are in great demand all over the world. To put it briefly: "The eternal circle of life" is an essential principle of the Styrian recycling culture as a whole.

Waste is far too valuable to be carelessly discarded! The present documentary gives an insight into the Styrian waste management and culture of recycling. In a very dynamic way, it shows what is feasible today in terms of recycling, and it animates people to separate waste carefully and thus make a vital contribution, since, what we trash today can be re-used tomorrow as a new product.

Your individual contribution is the basis for a future economic activity in harmony with nature. By the way: the regional economic stimuli associated with recycling will ultimately have a positive effect on everyone's wallet.

Johann Seitinger

Styrian Councillor for Agriculture and Forestry, Water and Waste Management, Housing and Sustainable Initiatives

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